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We are a container nursery.  This means we are not limited by the time of year when it comes to selling plants.  At this point we buy in liners/plugs/bulbs/tubers/etc. and grow them to a larger size nursery stock.  Currently, we grow almost 100 varieties of shrubs and small trees, and 70+ varieties of perennials.  In 2013 we partnered up with Proven Winners to provide our customers with shrubs that are meant for modern landscapes.  Shrubs that showcase long seasons of color, compact growth habits and are low maintenance.  We are always trying to expand our selections to some not so tradition plants for a new and vibrant landscapes.

Flowering and Foliage Shrubs
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Evergreen Shrubs and Trees

Other Shrubs and Trees

Beautyberry 'Early Amethyst'

Beauty Bush 'Pink Cloud'

Butterfly Bush 'Dark Dynasty'

Chokeberry 'Brilliantissima'

Dappled Willow 'Flamingo'

Dappled Willow 'Hakuro Nishiki'

False Cypress 'Crippsi'

False Cypress 'Filicoides'

False Cypress 'Gold Mop'

Forsythia 'Lynwood'

Giant Pussy Willow 'Mt. Asama'

Japanese Kerria 'Honshu'

Lilac 'Declaration'

Lilac 'Miss Kim'

Pagoda Dogwood 'Golden Shadows'

River Birch 'Fox Valley'

Scotch Broom 'Hardy Broom'

Siberian Cypress

St. John's-Wort 'Gemo'

Summersweet 'Ruby Spice'

Tamarix 'Pink Cascade'


Aster 'Alert'

Aster 'Kickin Lavander'

Aster 'Purple Dome'

Aster 'Wood's Blue'

Aster 'Woods Light Blue'

Astilbe 'Burgundy Red'

Astilbe 'Color Flash'

Astilbe 'Milk and Honey'

Bee Balm'Pardon My Pink'

Blackberry Lily

Blanket Flower 'Arizona Apricot'

Blazing Star 'Floristan White'

Blazing Star 'Kobold Original'

Blue Star 'Blue Ice'

Chameleon Plant

Chinese Globeflower 'Golden Queen'

Coneflower 'Hot Papaya'

Coreopsis 'Full Moon' 

Coreopsis 'Presto'

Cranesbill 'Dark Reiter'

Cut-leaf Coneflower 'Herbstsonne


Daylily 'Stella d'Oro'

Dianthus 'Apple Spice' (Pinks)

Elephant Ears 'Bikini-tini' (Not a perennial)

False Indigo - Decadence 'Vanilla Cream'

FERN - Japanese Painted Fern 'Red Beauty'

Foamy Bells 'Gold Zebra'

Fragrant Lily 'Little Rainbow'

Fragrant Lily 'Magic Star'

Fragrant Lily 'True Emotion'

Fringed-Leaf Bleeding Heart 'Luxuriant'

Gentian 'True Blue'

Goats Beard

GRASS - (Sedge) 'Banana Boat'

GRASS - (Sedge) 'Bowles Golden'

GRASS - Feather Reed Grass 'Karl Foerster'

GRASS - Maiden Grass 'Gracillimus'

GRASS - Maiden Grass 'Little Zebra'

Hardy Lily 'Brunello'

Hardy Lily 'Grand Cru'

Hosta 'Ivory Queen'

Hosta 'Rare Breed'

Larkspur 'Blue Lace'


Ligularia 'The Rocket'

Lungwort 'Raspberry Splash'

Shasta Daisy 'Banana Cream'

Sneezeweed 'Red Jewel'

Solomon's Seal 'Variegatum'

Sweet Coneflower 'Henry Eilers'

Tiger Lily 'Citronella'

Toad Lily 'Miyazaki Hybrids'

Turtlehead 'Hot Lips'

Turtlehead 'Rosea'