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Beyond Your Garden is an Upstate NY based corporation that focuses on the growing of trees, shrubs and perennials.

As a growing business we are attending farmers markets as an avenue to getting our name out to the public.

Hydrangeas at Beyond Your Garden 
Featured Shrub and Perennial Profile of the Month

'Anna's Magic Ball'® Arborvitae


Anna's Magic Ball® is a full sun evergreen shrub that can handle a bit of shade too.  This lovely shrub hardy to Zone 3 and creates a sense of unity in the garden.  Space these out every 8-10 feet in a foundation planting or around the outside perimeter of an island garden  These shrubs often grow to about 10 - 15" tall.  

'May Night' Salvia

'May Night' is loaded with purple flower spikes about 18" tall in early summer.  Shortly after the blooms are spent a quick deadheading will give this beauty a second round lasting until late summer.  We're talking about a Zone 3 perennial that attracts pollinators, is deer resistant and can take some of our poorer, dry native soils.